• Adopts to wide variety of structure control applications
  • Provides very high levels of damping without reducing static stiffness
  • Is scalable
  • Is small and lightweight
  • Has unlimited life and is maintenance free
  • Stable over temperature
  • Has linear performance over very large dynamic range
  • Space heritage minimizes risks to customers


D-Strut recently hosted an innovation contest to find alternative uses for our technology. Find out who won the $5,000 grand prize and the chance to see their idea come to life.

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  • Manufacturer to AS9100 Standards
  • Engineer, develop, produce analysis, & fully support your team
  • Supply non-ITAR restricted parts


  • Aerospace: Payload isolation, Aircraft engine mounts, Military weapons
  • Semiconductor: Nanoscopic motion control for optical or lithography tools
  • Medical: Safer helmets and better prosthetics